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パチスロ5号機さらば『ゴーゴージャグラー』…最後の実戦で「悪運と強運」ぶりを発揮!? – パチマックス

Farewell, “Go Go Juggler” … Demonstrate “bad luck and good luck” in the final battle !?

Pachislot No. 5 is about to be completely removed. I was planning to give up the juggler within the year in the actual My Jug battle the other day, but I learned that the store’s anniversary, which originally had the impression that “the day with 1” is strong, overlaps with the 11th … I completely changed my mind. ..

 The trigger was LINE from a close junior who lives in “full-time”, but it is no wonder that “this must be done”. However, I didn’t know it two days before the day, so I couldn’t preview it as much as last time.

I knew that a considerable number of people would gather, but I went with the idea that “if the lottery isn’t extremely bad, I’ll be able to do something about it.” I felt like “If it doesn’t work in the morning, I’ll go home.” 

On days when I feel strong, there are so-called “all-units” models, but the impression is that jugglers are unlikely to become all-units. The first thing that fills up is ” Ossu! From Unit 5 such as ” Bancho 3 ” and ” Puella Magi Madoka Magica 2 “.

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Approaching the latest work of Pachislot “Big Hit Oki Suro” … There are other elements to pay attention to besides the gameplay !?

Pachislot “1000 shots” class wins easily !? The aim zone of the latest popular series with hot bonuses is discovered !!

About 160 pachislot machines are lined up with about 200 people at a glance. I was like, “If you pull the number 100 or less, you’ll be able to do something about it,” but I was able to get the number 100 or less without difficulty.

The aim was “Funky Juggler” or “My Juggler III”, but I couldn’t secure two expensive models … I had no choice but to secure “Go Go Juggler”. It was a platform that had been dented for two days, but from here my “bad luck and strong luck” will be demonstrated.

It’s not an “injury merit”, but Funky and My Jug weren’t surprised. There was only one table that seemed to be the top of each, and the atmosphere was that “the others are at best in the middle.”

However, Go-Go was a little better, probably because it was relatively low, but I was lucky that the one that was clearly above and clearly pierced was my stand.

Unlike the last time, I was completely addicted to it and was completely stress-free. The excellence of 400G once and 300G twice. It’s just a guess, but the high setting juggler is really interesting.

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